Wayne England, RIP

2016 has not been kind. Taking plenty of talented people from the mortal realm another great has passed away. Unfortunately, your average Joe most likely¬†won’t recognise his name, but those who delved deeply into the fantasy and grim-dark sci-fi worlds of Games Workshop in the eighties and nineties will definitely know the name.

Wayne England was amongst my favourite of GW’s artists, it was always easy to spot his work a mile away, so distinctive was his style (in a similar vein to that other GW great, John Blanche) – He will most definitely be sorely missed. So here’s to you Mr England, your artwork helped flesh out and paint a picture of the worlds, and their inhabitants, that many a young gamer (author included!) spent their formative years daydreaming about and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say,¬†thank you.

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